Brown Shoes with Black Pants?

questionsI have a debate going right now with my mother. I will not tell you who thinks what, but I need some of your input. Is it fashionably acceptable to where a brown belt and brown shoes with black slacks?

Thank you all for your input and for helping me settle this debate once and for all.

13 Responses to “Brown Shoes with Black Pants?”

  1. I suppose if you stumbled into Walmart at 3am sporting such attire it would be deemed acceptable. Otherwise, no.
    But I’m not a fashionista, so what do I know…

  2. Absolutely tacky. Then again, I always make sure my bra and panties match, too.

  3. I would keep the belt the same color as the pants ..brown belt ,brown pants… etc. But then again, it doesn’t matter what you have on as long as it is IRONED!!!!

  4. I’d have to agree with everyone else. Brown and black don’t mix well…

  5. No, man. You don’t wear brown shoes with black pants. Unless you’re homeless.

  6. […] I am done I can get some pictures to show.  Thanks for everyone who gave their input regarding brown shoes and black pants.  Surprisingly, I was the one who said you can’t do it (my mom thought you could match those […]

  7. I see more n more people wearing black pant w/ brown shoes. Don’t you guys think it become fashionable..!? black w/ black or brown w/ brown kinda boring 🙂

  8. sir
    for black pants which shoe

  9. g.k. polcini Says:

    yep, i do it all the time. depends on the shirt and sport coat though. you’ve got to be pretty cool to pull it off though so be careful.

  10. I think its very important what exactly kind of pants we are wearing,e.g. if we are wearing formal black pants the right answer is only one. Black belt, black shoes. But if we are wearing casual pant not so black black e.g. black-grey colour, brown stripes, this type goes very well with brown shoes. I would like to share a picture of mine.

  11. […] If you weren’t aware of this information, I’d invite you to do some research here, there, or basically anywhere. When I Googled “brown shoes with black pants”, surprisingly […]

  12. inspired…

    […]Brown Shoes with Black Pants? « 1 Single Guy[…]…

  13. While there is little consensus on what makes up business casual,
    experts agree the following have no place on the job:
    Capri pants, tank tops and halter-tops and halter-tops, cardigan jackets, flip-flops,
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